Sunday, November 2, 2014

Antoinette - Our New Design Team Member from the United States... State of Texas

Good Morning and welcome to Besties UK ... today we have a visitor from the United Sates of America we are so lucky to host the beautiful creations of the Besties Design team members ... please give a very warm welcome to Antionette ....

Hello Everyone,

I am Antoinette Tristan born and raised in the United States in the State of Texas.

I have known I love arts and crafts since I was a little girl. I found myself creating with paper Mache making brooches and even selling them to friends when I was a young teen to gather money to buy my Junior High Band shirt with my long name on it.

I was also blessed to have my Grandmother teach me how to embroider which I still love to do and hope to teach my 15 year old Grand Daughter. I went through a period of painting ceramics and even had requests from people who paid me to paint special items. I even got into making hook loop rugs to frame and hang on walls. I even made a hook loop Christmas stocking for my one only Son which I still stuff with goodies and he is now 37 years old.

And since I am talking about children…I cannot leave out I make my Furbaby a mini-piebald dachshund, Ms. Pepper her blinged out collar necklaces. I must say growing up and into adulthood I mostly loved to color in coloring books...who would have ever thought I would be coloring Stamps and Digital images as an older adult.

I guess I was getting practice. I had seen stamps at the craft store but they never really caught my attention until I was introduced to the cyber world of Facebook and Blog Land. I started blog hopping and meeting all kinds of amazing crafters from all over the World showcasing all there fabulous talents and creativity.

So I worked hard on creating my own Blog in 2012 and joined the Crafting world. I love my new journey making new friends from all around the world. It is amazingly fun…learning and sharing never-ending tips, techniques and new ideas. I want to “Thank you” for letting me share my fun of creating with My Besties by the talented Artist Sherri Baldy. I hope I inspired you.




  1. whoop whoop!!! welcome!!! good to have you lovely lady! hugs davinia xxxxx

  2. Welcome to the team Hun so lovely to have you join us with your beautiful creations hugs Carol x

  3. Congratulations dear! You deserve that. Your projects are awesome! I love them!

  4. Congratulations Antoinette ~ your creations are just awesome.
    Annette xx

  5. Congratulations and welcome to the team Antoinette .. love your cards :)

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